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To Treat Migraine, Get Started at Stomach.

Most patients who usually come to see the doctor at The Arokaya clinic suffer migraine headache. Herein, whether how frequently I write in a column or talk about migraine; I inevitably have patients with migraine. Again, I will talk about how to treat a migraine by the typical Thai medicine.

Khun Charunee has suffered migraine for over 10 years despites treatment has been given steadily. Initially, she had symptoms every day; but currently only 2 days a week. She takes carfergot until drug-resistance develops and has adverse effects. Later, she takes paracetamol Ponstan and anti-stress medicine as an anti- migraine at bedtime. She has no sound sleeps, just like sleeping, throbbing headache and pressed on temple, and sometimes she vomits on 3 consecutive days until she has to see a doctor and be given with saline water, unable to eat solid food and water, vomits all the time. Her signal symptoms include tinnitus and a little pain, in case that she misses intake of drug, she vomits and pain still remains, but if vomiting, she gets headache, weakness, fatigue, need to sleep or receive saline water. However, it's very strange that when she gets pregnant, she has no migraine pain and no suffering with migraine.

She has apthous ulcer, dry throat, and mouth ulcers frequently. She doubts asking me that she drinks a lot of water that causes mouth ulcers and ask to drink a bit lesser water.

"Despite drinking 5 liters of water per day and I have mouth ulcers, if drink lesser, will mouth ulcers not aggravate?" she doubts.

"All things are composed of earth, water, wind, fire. So do our bodies. What is too much or too less may cause problems. Too much water causes a soil to erosion; a big mountain can collapse Fire is extinguished by water. Wind does not blow for it is blocked by water" I tried to explain to her.

She kept listening, but I noticed the face was confused. "it sounds good that drinking a lot of water make healthy, I drink a lot of it, and I think it seems to be good, what's then, doctor?" She began to feel a conflict on the face. I try to check her physical body; press firmly on the pit of the stomach, epigastric symptoms found, press on her stomach, the winds runs, press on "Zhu San Li" point on shins below the knee, she's very painful, indicating that her stomach does not work properly, poor digestion generates gas, piled up and become toxins in the stomach and intestines. Intestines absorb toxins into the body and then into the blood vessels, thereby resulting in the stiff tendons and ligaments and unsmooth blood flow because the poisons are packed to every part of the body.

Khun Charunee, age of 34 years, weight of 52 kg, drink 8 glasses of water a day, or nearly 2 liters which deems sufficient. However, she drinks warm tea of 5 liters per a day and plain water of 4-5 cups (about 1 liter), which is too much. Tea is active cold despite drinking it warm because when the hotness of the tea is gone, the cooling effect of tea remains in the stomach and intestine. In addition, at each meal she drinks 2-3 glasses of tea, so the cooling effect of tea and too much water drunk during meals causes the disability of the "digestive fire" and disordered digestion. Thus, food residues in the stomach indigestion cause a pile up as waste toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Once the stomach and intestines are filled with waste and rotten food even though we intake nutrients, they are eventually rotten and body becomes a bag of putrid filth.

The migraine pain occurs at the left and right temple where the breath lines of "stomach" and "gall " has passed through. So, when you've got a headache at this are, the oriental medicine diagnoses that the patient had a poor gastric digestion, causing toxins into the body and pain. In case that the gallbladder does not work well owing to the stress and eating too much fried foods, resulting in the heated gallbladder and poorly drained blood, leading to headache. Thailand traditional medicine says "temporal headache is caused by the wind that is called "Pakag", is caused by bad digestion; gas blows up, muscle tendons are stiff and inconvenience circulation and pain.

Not only Khun Charunee, but also her family members; ​​mother, sisters, and brother, as well as her sister-in-law, has migraine headache. She knows the Arokaya clinic because of his sister-in-law who first came to get a treatment here and referred to her.

Her 70-year old mom said "I've got a migraine since the young age of 20 years, at any times of pain, I have to pull my hair gently to loosen the pain, especially when it is very hot, the symptoms usually develops, I have ongoing treatment, but symptoms have not so recovered that I'm bored to take treatment; when pained, I take a medicine, if aggravated; I see a doctor for saline water and injection.

Her sister's symptom was also severe. The typical behavior of her sister and mother is that drinking 3 ​​cups of coffee with deep-fried doughsticks every morning, and drink 4-5 glasses of water during the meal; rarely drink plain water; but like to drink soda with coffee.

They both never knew what outcomes will be when drinking coffee in the morning without eating breakfast. Coffee is to accelerate the production of gastric juices that will be exhausted. When comes a meal, there is no enzymes to digest food, the stomach is irritated by caffeine from coffee, causing stomach upset, bile or digestive enzymes are not secreted , cholesterol in bile is not secreted, but binding as stones in the gallbladder. In addition, the breath line in the gallbladder does not work, causing a migraine headache. Once understanding the actual causes, she accused mom of her genetic migraines while mom blamed no one; seemed to accept completely that she is an origin of migraine, so all her children are sick of migraine.

"Fish in the same bowl are sick the same" like this family that all family members are sick of the same migraine headaches owing to the same typical eating and living behavior. As idiom says "the apple does not fall far from tree". Certain behavior weakens our internal organs and not function properly, especially the digestive system. Whatever you are, don't blame the fate or genetics, don't simply intake a medicine or injections for pain relief only for occasional time, because the symptoms would be so aggressive that it is "too late" to solve. Try on examining yourself and see what wrongs occur with your body, it does, then modify your behavior and it'd better solve the underlying causes of the problems than solving at the end of the course.

How to treat migraines according to the Thai traditional treatment

- 30 minutes before and after a meal avoid intake exceed half a glass of water to maintain the concentration of pepsin in the stomach

- Avoid cold water because it may shocks the stomach and withheld from producing the protease, if necessary, drink gradually

- Avoid coffee in the morning before breakfast for it causes stomach irritation and disabled digestion

- Body and foot massage 2-3 times a week to stimulate the internal organs to resume a function

- 2-3 hours before bedtime, do not eat a heavy meal for the stomach will not digest food.

- After a meal, helpers in digestive enzymes are recommended; for instances, water, milk, sour (lactic acid helps digest)

- Take turmeric or ginger capsules before meals to balance the stomach and be ready to digest

- Wake up in the morning, intake of 5 tablets of Spirulina with 2 glasses of water to replenish nutrients to the body. (As to the life clock; dining at the 7- 9a.m in the morning is the most effective way to restore health) and encourages the body to produce more blood which brings oxygen and food to repair and carry waste out of organs of the body quickly, encourage the increase in Probiotic up to 200 %, which helps in the digestion, absorption, excretion and strengthen the immune system.

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