Traditional Thai massage with herbs

This variation of traditional Thai massage has for centuries been used in royal Thai palaces and the service has only been performed with hands, thumbs and has been beneficial for body weight balance. It is based on principles of acupressure and involves working with the body's energy channels to release blockages that are said to cause imbalances and disease. Specially prepared warm herbal compresses, Luk Pra Kob (Vame pillow), are also used to help draw out toxins and promote circulation. Thai herbal massage will be included with head shoulder and neck massage. Because Thai massage is special from another massage therefore we use special oil massage to help relax the muscles.

60 minutes NOK 850 Student NOK 700 and Pensioner NOK 750

90 minutes NOK 1400 Student NOK 1200 and Pensioner NOK 1300

120mins NOK 1600 Student NOK 1300 and Pensioner 120mins NOK 1400

Thai Aromatherapy Massage with herbs

These healing rituals are ideal for those with chronic tension as well. We use essential oils that are absorbed through the dog to calm the underlying corresponding tissues before they enter the bloodstream. A gentle aromatic oil massage is also included in this treatment

60 minutes NOK 850 Student NOK 700 and Pensioner NOK 750

90 minutes NOK 1400 Student NOK 1200 and Pensioner NOK 1300

120mins NOK 1600 Student NOK 1300 and Pensioner 120mins NOK 1400

Foot reflexology massage

The practice of manipulating the points on the feet to balance the energy circulating in the body stimulates the body's natural healing process. These points become cold reflexes and each reflex point corresponds to different parts of the body, it can be a gland, an organ or other parts of the body. When we manipulate, the reflexes can trigger psychological reactions in the corresponding body parts. The foot massage will be included with a 15 minute head, shoulder and neck massage.

30 minutes NOK 500
60 minutes NOK 800

Neck and shoulder massage

 Is a method of natural therapy and treatment that has the following benefits: • Relieves muscle pain in the neck and shoulders • Stimulates the blood circulation system and improves blood flow • Helps to stretch and relax tense muscles in the neck and shoulders • Helps relieve chronic headaches and shoulder stiffness • Strengthens the musculoskeletal system and makes the joints more flexible and soft .

30 minutes NOK 500
45 minutes NOK 700

Detox Massage 2 hours 30 minutes 

For special symptoms of migraine, pain in the neck, stomach ache, feeling of lack of energy, dizziness and other ailments over a long period of time. It is common for toxins to enter the body in many different ways. Over 70 percent of fat is caused by stress and the food you eat. There are three ways to remove toxins from the body.

Steam with herbs so that the body sweats, but it is limited to patients who have high blood pressure and other respiratory diseases that are dangerous.
Detoxification with enemas, but that way is not popular among Norwegians.
Detox massage that Thai Massage Lillehammer uses. Man rubs in with herbs to remove toxins from the organs in the body that are inflamed or out of balance. Then you wait for the herbs to remove the toxins and you become dry all over the body. Afterwards, the skin is rinsed with water and old skin cells are scrubbed away from the whole body and finished with a shower.

NOK 1950

Facial treatments 45 minutes 

Be pampered by our range of skin care treatments. Our rejuvenating facial treatments promise you radiant and healthy skin, through hydration, peeling and cleansing.

This facial treatment provides deep cleansing for normal and sensitive skin types. A cleansing scrub and moisturizing mask revitalizes the skin, prevents premature aging and reduces signs of fatigue. We use products from ASEA and LUMINESCE.

NOK 750

Postpartum treatment 90 minutes 

The body will normalize faster with heat. Tendons and muscles in the back and legs as a result of compression during pregnancy can dissolve. Reduces fatigue in the body and improves blood circulation. Helps to balance the woman after childbirth. Reduces cold symptoms due to loss of blood and water during childbirth. The uterus becomes normal and the cervix is closed so that the risk of infection in the uterus after birth is reduced. Reduces water in the uterus after birth and the back flow that leads to poisoning.

NOK 1,800

Massage for pregnant women 

Massage for expectant mothers from the 3rd to 7th month of pregnancy. The benefits of massage for pregnant mothers are that massage helps to reduce pain, swelling, cramps and headaches, relieves stress, and makes it easier to fall asleep and improves mood. 

60 minutes NOK 850 

Ear spa 

To treat sinus, cold, allergy, sore throat and pain in the ears. Reduces fatigue due to high and low blood pressure, snoring, sinus inflammation, lymph nodes, swelling of the gland inside the ear, deafness, poor balance. Helps to improve blood circulation.

Reduces itching and uneven amount of water in the ears.
Eliminates bacteria, improves nerves to refresh.
Reduces stress in the brain.
Reduces depression and forgetfulness.
Reduces pressure in the brain.
Clean the ear canal
The brain becomes fresher



Give your feet the attention they deserve with this foot care routine. First, the feet are given a foot bath to clean and remove any odors and soften the skin. The nails are cleaned, trimmed and shaped as you wish.

NOK 700