Pimon Papat Bunyen has written a health book called "The best doctor is yourself". She has gathered information from a health book she likes to read as well as experiences from her job. She has given advice to customers at Thaimassage Lillehammer since 2012 and until now about how they can take care of their health. She has also received health training from various specialists in Thailand so that she can take care of herself and clients. Pimon wants this book to be useful for Norwegians because you have to wait a long time to see a doctor or you don't know what kind of illness you have. This book is suitable for people with all types of illnesses. What one eats, drinks and sleep patterns can be the cause of diseases. It can also be suitable for those who are not ill and who are interested in health because they want to prevent diseases. This book was written with medical words in Thai and Pimon has paid for the translation from Thai to Norwegian.

When Pimon was a child, she wanted to become a doctor to take care of herself. She had many illnesses. She often had vertigo which was a congenital disease. If she was dizzy, she was not allowed to go to school. She was easily infected with diseases from others, for example if a friend had a cold, she was infected immediately. Pimon was interested in health books, why people got diseases and treatment when she studied at upper secondary school. She enjoyed reading medical magazines in the school library. In 1994 she moved to Bangkok to study at university. Then she had the chance to learn how to take care of her health in a natural way.

After finishing her studies in 1996, she started working at American International Assurance Co,.Ltd. AIA (AIG THAILAND) (1996-2004 Sell Agency), (2005-2010 Sell Manager), (2010-now sell agency) which is the best insurance company in Thailand. Pimon was responsible for selling insurance to Japanese customers who lived in Thailand and wanted to buy insurance. They worked hard, which is why they had problems with their health. In addition, they drank a lot of alcohol. They had to check their health and were approved. If their health was not normal, they were not allowed to buy insurance. Pimon followed up those who were not approved because they had to return to normal health again before they were allowed to buy insurance.

In 2007, Pimon became so ill that she was admitted to hospital more than 6 times this year. The doctor found that the right heart valve was not closing properly. Perhaps this was innate. She was born prematurely after only 7 months in her mother's womb. Due to her hard work and stress, her immune system was destroyed. She scratched her body, her face was swollen, she fainted and could not stand hot weather. If she wanted to live long, she had to move to a winter land. She chose to move to Norway.

Pimon was recommended by a friend, who was a Thai traditional doctor, that she should receive treatment in a natural way and receive health education.

Dec 2007 Learning to take care of yourself by following the body's biological clock in Ban Suan Pai, Health Vegetarian Center in Bangkok

Dec 2011-Jan 2012 Course in Thai massage and massage treatment of office syndrome in Taralai Thai Massage School Bangkok Thailand

Hand and foot spa 60 hours

Facial treatment 60 hours

Reflexology foot massage 60 hours

Jan-Dec 2014 Thai traditional massage online on Thai alternative medicine online course

Dec 2015 Manual therapy on Clinical Application 50 hours at Phadoongsak Physical theraphy Damneonsakuak Ratchaburi Thailand

Jan 2016 Training how to make cosmetic herbal products from Thai herbs 100% of nature chemistry at Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine and Beauty Bangkok

Dec 2017 Thai traditional Acupuncture along the meridian with Dr. Rodsukon Poompanwong on how to make a smoothie to reduce diseases, fermentation liquid to drink and spread and lying under sand on the beach to remove toxins from the body

Jun - Oct 2019 Siripat Thai medical school with basic anatomy and physiology in course group 11.

Kanchana Rongkwaneng

Kanchana has worked as a masseuse for ten years. Before coming to Norway, she worked in Prague. She will start working at the salon in January 2022. Kanchana is a masseuse who can give powerful massages.