Welcome to Thai massage Lillehammer AS

Welcome to Thai massage Lillehammer AS

The intention of starting a Thai massage in Lillehammer is to publish information about Thai herbs in Norway, as well as spread knowledge about the treatment of diseases that may be unknown to general practitioners. I want people who live in Lillehammer to have a place where they can come and get a massage that provides relaxation and treats fatigue that can be experienced after the day's work. I also want to publish knowledge that is about health and care research from Thailand by traditional Thai massage, Thai food and using traditional herbs to treat illness, including problems after childbirth that some women may have, such as not having enough milk for the child and regain health even after birth.

My name is Pimon Papat Bunyen. I have lived in Lillehammer for 12 years and have the opportunity and desire to work with local people and have noticed that you have health problems such as fatigue in the body, headaches, pain in the shoulder and back, allergies in various varieties that can stem from diseases.

Traditional Thai herbs, Thai food and traditional Thai massage can be used as medical treatment and for the restoration of health. The traditional Thai massage is used as an alternative medical treatment because it helps to activate the circulation of the blood and lymph in the massage areas, and in the surrounding areas which helps to activate the muscles and repair them. It can activate pain, also send out reflexes and connect points in the work system in our body factory and all over the body.

The massage originated more than a thousand years ago and there are many texts about the massage. In this activity, anatomy is the subject where all masseurs must know the order in which the hypotenuses of diseases can occur before treatment with massage.