What is the condition for getting fat or yo-yo effect


It is gaining weight very quickly after you have tried to slim down very excessively, e.g. with diet, exercised too much or taken medicine so that the weight drops very quickly and the body loses its balance.

All the systems and metabolism in the body can be changed wonderfully and adapted to the way one eats. The body will change to survive when you diet for too long. It will collect as much energy from the food as possible so that it can live a long time.

Some eat less to lose weight, drink only water and eat only fruit. Sometimes they eat bread and stop eating meat because they want to get a nice body. After a while they become slimmer, but they do not know that the energy balance in the body has changed. Cells in the body that lack energy and nutrients want very strongly to obtain these. You will eat as before after you have achieved the weight you want. But the body will store more energy in fat than before. In addition, the metabolism may work less than before. Therefore, the body can accumulate fat very quickly. You eat the same food as before, but you become fatter than before.

Before you lose weight, you look pretty. But you will get an uglier body without hips because you lose weight incorrectly. You practice a lot, but it doesn't get better. Muscles are lost while you eat less and you feel very much that your body lacks nutrients. A method that one can live, the metabolism in muscle mass to have renewable energy.

So people who are naturally fat have more muscle and look stronger. They can train normally. It is different from people who are fat because of the yo-yo effect. The muscles are burned until they have only soft meat, fat and not much energy

What is the yo-yo effect that you can notice yourself

Fat with soft skin, e.g. soft skin under the arms, big soft belly and soft all over the body

Eyes, skin and nails are pale. Some have little color. Eyes are dark and lips are dry.

Sleepy all day, often tired, you get tired very quickly when you use up energy.

Exercising a lot, but not getting slimmer.

Hungry all the time, want to drink and eat food that has a lot of energy, e.g. baked goods, soft drinks, dessert and white bread.

Weight continues to increase even if you eat less.

Causes that lead to the yo-yo effect

Rarely eats breakfast. The body does not get food after sleeping for 6 - 8 hours. The body needs food after getting up. If the body does not get good nutrients, the cells crave and try to absorb white flour and sugar instead of good nutrients. In Chinese medicine, they believe that breakfast is the main source of energy for the body to carry out activities throughout the day. If the body does not get breakfast, the body will use up its energy reserves all the time. The body becomes very tired when it loses a lot of energy. One becomes sleepy all day, easily tired, not clear in the head, weak, prone to illness, etc. In addition, they want to eat food that has too much energy, e.g. dessert, sugar and white flour all the time. So you can't lose weight because you don't eat breakfast.

Drinking coffee instead of breakfast. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which can stimulate the heart so that it beats faster and increases blood flow. It stimulates the liver, which can absorb sugar in the blood more quickly so that the body wakes up and gets ready to work. Stimulating the body with coffee often takes out energy reserves (nutrients in the blood). Eventually, there will not be enough nutrients in the blood to nourish cells that may lack important nutrients. It will accumulate flour and sugar instead so that there will be more fat in the body. The more stimuli from coffee, the more tired you become. The body will absorb more energy in the form of fat, but it does not get enough of the good energy and you often become sleepy.

Long-term dieting is popular for people who are very patient with hunger and appetite. They eat enough to just fight off some of the hunger. Some people eat fruit for a long time instead of other food. It is good for the first week because they lose weight and the nutrients in the blood are still good. But long-term dieting is not good because the blood will eventually become of poorer quality. Digestion and absorption of nutrients need good blood quality when they work. Therefore, they work less when the blood is empty, while the absorption of fat continues. They cannot lose weight when they eat so little, but will instead gain weight. Those who lose weight a lot can get fatter because of the yo-yo effect.

Take medicine that reduces appetite and stimulates the use of a lot of the body's energy reserves. It can seem relaxing and we feel that we are full even though the body lacks nutrition and craves food all the time. After we stop taking medicine, the cells will stimulate us to eat a lot, especially food in the fat group. It becomes difficult to be patient because the body craves food all the time. The yo-yo effect is very fast and dangerous. We can read more about whether diet pills contain dangerous substances or not, and how much of the substances can be consumed without it being harmful (but it is often used).

Sibutramine is one of the active ingredients in slimming medicine. It controls the metabolism in the body, reduces appetite and increases the feeling of satiety. Sibutramine causes dry mouth, dry throat, palpitations, headache, insomnia and constipation. It is common to have high blood pressure and the heart beats faster. You can die of cardiac arrest if you eat a lot of this substance. Fenfluramine reduces appetite and is quite similar to Sibutramine. But it can affect the heart valve so that one can die due to heart disease. Dexfenfluramine is a sedative that prevents you from feeling hungry during the day. You will lack nutrients, have no energy, get bored and easily get angry. You can go crazy if you use it for a long time. Phentermine controls the central nervous system so that one has less desire for food.

Thyroid hormones help increase the body's metabolism. But it can destroy proteins in the muscle, cause palpitations or errors in the heartbeat. Some slimming drugs that are supposed to help people lose weight very quickly are diuretics to reduce the fluid level in the body. You will look slim very quickly. But it does not help to reduce the amount of calories in the body. It can only reduce the amount of water. The body will lose important minerals and become unbalanced so that the body becomes tired and fatigued, the heart beats incorrectly and the brain can be damaged. Eventually one will die. These medications should not be used to lose weight. Laxative to increase the frequency and quantity of stools, helps reduce weight. You feel slimmer. But you can get diarrhea if you use a lot, the body loses its fluid balance and minerals, which is very dangerous. The body will get used to these medicines

How to avoid the yo-yo effect with Ayurvedic

Ayurvedic believes that people who struggle with the yo-yo effect have fewer good nutrients in their bodies. There is a lot of sugar and fat in the cells and blood, which means that the muscle mass is reduced and the metabolism works less well. Therefore, one should eat healthier and replenish the cells and blood with important nutrients. You will look healthier, your mouth and tongue will not be pale, you will have more energy, can stand up without a headache and will not feel hungry as often. Afterwards, you can train to build up the muscles and burn excess fat stored in the body. The greater the muscle mass, the better the metabolism. It also becomes more difficult to get fat because the muscles need energy all the time.

The healing stages are divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1 Continue to replenish the cells and blood with nutrients to improve the body, as well as absorb less fat.

Phase 2 Burn excess fat, increase muscle mass to change the metabolism so that it will work as well as before.

Phase 1 - Replenish nutrients for 3 months.

Because the cells and blood have lacked nutrients for a long time, the cells in the body have gradually become weak and malnourished.

Fill nutrients in the blood which are then transported via the blood further into the cells. Choose energy from food that does not need to use as much energy for digestion as flour and sugar to be absorbed into the body, e.g. spirulina, coconut oil, cereal juice and brown rice. They can increase the metabolism in the body. To increase the quality of digestion and the absorption of nutrients in the cells, you can eat warm herbs, e.g. ginger, turmeric and black pepper. You can eat them 15 minutes before eating food. You can eat probiotics (good bacteria) to improve digestion in the gut. It will improve the quality of the blood, which will get enough nutrients for the cells to become strong again. It takes approx. 2 months and you should work and stress less to save nutrients in the blood and increase the energy reserve in the body. It will be sufficient to repair and restore the cells. The body will produce an anti-stress hormone called cortisol when you are stressed. Cortisol will send signals to the brain that stimulate hunger and will prepare energy to be used soon. It is common to use energy from carbohydrate first. People who are stressed easily become addicted to dessert and flour. The more stressed you are, the more you eat. And the more you eat, the fatter you get.

One should not exercise so much because there are not enough nutrients yet. The body will take out too many energy reserves and eventually the body will lack nutrients again. You don't want to get slimmer, but get more and more cravings for flour and sugar. After you have worked out, you will be very hungry. Therefore, you eat a lot without being careful about what you eat. The more you exercise, the hungrier you become. You just want to get fatter. There are not enough muscles to repair and restore. The body uses a lot of energy when you exercise a lot and the body will burn muscles to produce energy. So the muscles that are supposed to change the metabolism will work worse.

You should exercise and move a little so that you are out of breath to increase the oxygen uptake in the blood, e.g. walk approx. 30 minutes every day, arm swing 15 minutes morning and evening, Chinese boxing or dancing. You can also breathe deeply rhythmically in and out.

It is important for the metabolism that the human need for oxygen is met. Metabolism will be poor if the body does not get enough oxygen. If you breathe correctly, you will get enough oxygen and your metabolism will work better, repair and restore well. If you breathe incorrectly, take short breaths, the body will not get enough oxygen. You get tired easily and cannot train as much. Fat people breathe short and fast because they are unable to breathe deeply and long. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to repair and restore.

One should not eat dessert or drink coffee, soda, tea and cold water. Food and drinks that contain a lot of sugar don't have that many nutrients and are just fattening. Sugar causes the blood to become more viscous (tough) so that it becomes more difficult to transport nutrients around the body. As a result of the cells lacking nutrients, it becomes more difficult to remove waste products from the body. A lot of waste will accumulate in the body. It can also stimulate the body's metabolism. You will become fat if you drink and eat a lot of sweets over a long period of time. It also increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. You should not eat more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. You should repeat and repeat that you should only eat healthy food. Chinese medicine says that you should eat food at the same time every day because the body will change to make the stomach acid that suits when you eat. If one eats many times, the stomach acid can work poorly. It is good that you eat some food for breakfast and lunch. You don't need to eat so much for dinner. One should eat breakfast that has many nutrients to prepare the body for the day's activities and so that the body does not use up its energy reserves. Eat less at lunch and eat less at dinner. Focus on vegetables and fruit, and don't eat food that is too difficult to digest.

Don't go to bed after 23 so that the liver can work well. The liver is the largest organ in the body and has a lot of responsibility for the digestion of everything we eat. All food, medicines and minerals we eat are broken down by the liver. It will turn into smaller molecules that the body can use. The liver also makes bile to digest fat. It is like a warehouse that stores energy, nutrients and minerals that the body can use when it needs it. The liver also recycles old proteins. This is important for losing a lot of weight. Nutrients must e.g. used to produce energy, blood and muscles. Building muscle mass depends on how strong the liver is. The liver can repair itself and it takes care of the circadian rhythm in Chinese medicine. At 1.00 - 3.00 the life energy hits the liver. If one sleeps well during that time, the liver will repair itself and restore itself to good quality.

Do not eat unhealthy food because it is low in nutrients. In addition, it consists of a lot of flour, sugar, trans fat, additives and preservatives. This will create problems for digestion and waste management in the body.

Drink room temperature water (not cold water) in sufficient quantities every day. There is 70% water in the body, 92% in the blood, 75% in the muscles and all the cells have 60% water. If you lack water, the blood will become more viscous and it will be difficult to absorb nutrients. Cells that lack water will try to retain a lot of water. It can cause swelling with water. Making and repairing muscles, as well as excreting waste products, becomes more difficult.

Phase 2 - Burn excess fat for 3 months.

When cells get enough nutrients, they will absorb less energy, flour and sugar. The body will build muscles again and it is a very important time because the body will deplete the energy stores. It takes a lot of energy to build muscle. Therefore, you should exercise a lot to stimulate the body to build muscles and it works better when you eat herbs and exercise at the same time.

One must train in a way that can help the body build muscle. The body probably needs high proteins and other nutrients, and you can e.g. eat whole grains (easy to digest), spirulina or collagen.

Eat herbs that help the body's metabolism, e.g. garcinia, pepper and safflower before breakfast and dinner.

Eat Psyllium husk or sweet basil seed with warm water 30 minutes before lunch because it can absorb water and reduce the absorption of flour, sugar and fat. This means that the body excretes more waste products and the body does not get as hot because the herbs improve the metabolism.

Phase 2 - Behavior change

Train more and more and focus on training that builds muscle. Many people say that it is weight training that burns a lot of energy, such as e.g. lifting weights or your own body weight. One can e.g. walk on steep hills, do squats and push-ups


Why do you need to build muscle?

Today, it is scientifically proven that you should do weight training when losing weight because weight training helps to increase the metabolism in the body. It can help up to 48 hours after training. This means that the body burns fat all day and at night when you sleep. The body is very good at adapting to live. It will not provide nutrients to organs that have not been used for a long time, because it is a waste of nutrients and energy. But on the other hand, organs that use a lot of energy will continue to repair, create and restore themselves even if you don't use them. Repairing, crafting and restoring uses a lot of server energy all the time. It is common to use energy at least 48 hours after the muscle has stopped working. This means that the metabolism is working all the time, even if you are sitting or sleeping. The body continues to use energy. People who have a lot of muscle have a good metabolism. They can eat a lot without getting fat. You have to start training by using the biggest muscles for small muscles, as well as the muscles of the legs and hips first. You have to train often, but you have to keep up at least 2 days a week for the muscles to repair and recover perfectly.

Caution Too much weight training without rest is not good because the muscles are used too much and do not receive enough nutrients. The body will begin to burn muscle to create energy and muscle mass will be reduced. In addition, the muscles can become damaged and chronically tired.

The information from The Arokaya Clinic Bangkok